EURUSD chart analysis ( English )

EURUSD chart analysis


 ramzgosha- EURUSD chart analysis

EURUSD chart analysis

According to the analysis carried out on August 28, the price in the daily time frame had a downward trend with a constant order, but now due to reaching the important area of ​​the monthly time frame, its power to fall has decreased, and for this reason, it is below the 0.9940 to 0.9910 close area with a certain momentum.

did not have Further along the path, according to the chart of the dollar index, which is in an important range, in the case of a daily price close above the 1.0040 level and its high stabilization, the downward power of the market will be very low, and if it crosses the 1.0090 level, the market trend will be upward in the short term or It is neutralized.

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